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Private office

Free up time for yourself and for others

Edge Private Office is a top-class services company. Its team of professionals will assist you in the management of your collections and your private affairs. Its high-quality services, provided in complete confidentiality, will allow you to devote yourself to what matters most to you.

Its services are organised around two main areas:


Our services

  • Inventorying and updating of your collection
  • Appraisal and valuation
  • Protection, conservation, restoration & storage
  • Organisation of transport and loans to museums
  • Monitoring of purchases and sales


Our services

Personal assistance

  • Management & monitoring of your personal affairs
  • Performance of administrative formalities (social secretariat, health insurance provider, government departments, etc.)
  • Execution & monitoring of payments
  • Contact with tax consultants, bankers, brokers, lawyers, notaries, etc.
  • Management of household staff

Support for practical matters

  • On-site coordination and follow-up after a loss
  • Organisation of removals
  • Vehicle management (technical inspection, registration, customs clearance)
  • Home security (safe, alarm system, fire extinguishers)

Our services are performed in-house or in collaboration with carefully chosen expert professionals.


Our services

We provide you with a dashboard for regular monitoring, as well as an organised and accessible digital archiving system.

Services are offered à la carte, according to your needs.

Our fees are set according to an hourly rate or the terms of an engagement letter. Our services are accompanied by timesheets.

Nos details

  • Contact

    Charles Gersdorff
    +32 475 47 95 47 /
    Sophie Chauveau
    +32 475 56 25 57 /
    Laurence de Failly
    +32 475 77 30 26 /

  • Our address

    Edge Private Office srl
    11 Avenue Géo Bernier, 1050 Ixelles
    BCE 0769.617.004
    TVA 0769.617.004