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Our Expertise

Our team of professionals protects your interests. We advise and support you with insurance, protection and prevention for everything related to your daily life and passions. Edge Brokers' services are tailored to individuals, families, expatriates and business leaders.

We negotiate with the most experienced and reputable companies in the market to create solutions that meet your requirements. A brief overview of the services we offer:

Our services

Our advice goes beyond tips on the right insurance. We help prevent the worst in your daily life, such as fire and theft. Of course, no one is a specialist in every field, so we also put you in touch—if need be—with the right people you can trust, complementary to our own expertise. These include contractors, alarm companies, architects, specialized transport companies, lawyers, notaries, tax experts, garages and concessionaires.

If you would like to know more about our full range of services, we will be happy to discuss the possibilities in a personal meeting.

You can look ahead, we have your back.

We offer exclusive guarantees for the insurance of your real estate in Belgium and abroad, including its household effects such as art collections, valuable objects, jewelry, etc. Thanks to our experience, we can determine the value of your patrimony, make an inventory of your collections and follow up on their valorisation.

We insure the cars you use every day as well as your vintage and prestigious vehicles. We also support you in the long process of customs clearance and car registration. In case of damage, we will arrange the immediate replacement of your car and delivery to your home in consultation with the garage.

In the extensive and opaque health insurance market, we always find the formula that meets your needs, your care and your wishes regarding hospitalisation, ambulatory care and dentistry.

We also offer a personalised approach to your estate in the long term. For your heirs, we simplify matters, during difficult times, with a smooth settlement of inheritance or gift taxes.

When it comes to travel insurance, we guide you through the maze of existing formulas. Thus, you can leave home with your mind at ease and, if something does go wrong, you will not suffer any financial losses.

Do you lead a business? Then we evaluate the risks that come with your activity. We advise you in the choice of a professional and comprehensive solution and support you with the right prevention at work.

Together, we will draw up a pension plan that allows you to take full advantage of your new life during the calmer days that you worked so hard to achieve. And if an accident or illness throws matters into disarray, we have the solutions for income guarantee and occupational accidents.